Snuffle Garden is coming to Borders

At Borders Pet Rescue we have been developing a large riverside field for dogs in our care to run, play and be trained.

Monday, 13th March 2017, 4:25 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:37 am
Reading the local news - scent tells dogs much more than we realise.
Reading the local news - scent tells dogs much more than we realise.

It’s a unique project not found anywhere else. As part of this development, BPR is making a Snuffle Garden to help with the rehabilitation of rescued dogs.

So what is a Snuffle Garden? Smelling things is very important to a dog’s wellbeing – it’s their most important sense and sends messages to all parts of the brain. When a dog sniffs something it can tell if the scent is recent, what made it, or if it’s someone they know.

When they smell another dog’s pee, they know if it’s young or old, male or female, friend or foe, healthy or ill – just about everything! This information stimulates the brain and makes dogs smarter, calmer and more content.

Sadly, some dogs never get this experience, spending their entire lives isolated in one room, shed or crate.

When they arrive at rescue centres they find everything overwhelming. They don’t know how to cope with the outside world. Given the right environment, they soon start to build confidence.

A Snuffle Garden provides a place for fearful dogs to explore in safety. It reduces the stress dogs feel in the unfamiliar environment of rescue kennels. Snuffle Gardens have been used in Germany for some time in rehabilitating dogs.

We know they work and ours will be full of stimulating scents for dogs to explore.

We’re calling this area Bramble’s Field after the first dog adopted from Borders Pet Rescue. We’re having a tree planting event on April 2. Why not come along and help us create a beautiful environment for both dogs and people.

For more details please see our contact details below.