New look at Shielfield for football and speedway

Berwick Rangers FC has reached an agreement with Berwick Bandits to help secure their future residence at Shielfield Park and improve even more the quality of speedway for racing fans.

Tuesday, 24th December 2019, 11:35 am
Physical changes are ahead at Shielfield, affecting both football and speedway (library image by Taz McD)

The club announced on its website that the Bandits made a formal request to widen the straights by one metre which, of course, would mean narrowing the width of the Shielfield pitch.

Currently 64 metres wide, the pitch would reduce to 62 metres, two metres wider than that required for Bronze Club Licence and six metres wider than Entry Licence.

Having had the request considered by the Lowland League and SFA, the football club has decided to support the proposal.

Club chairman John Bell said: “Shielfield is home to the two largest sporting organisations in the town and it’s in everyone’s interests to ensure both Berwick Rangers and Berwick Bandits can thrive in the future.

“While we fully appreciate that moving the football action further away from the terraces is not ideal, we’re limited by the positioning of floodlights and stanchions, so sacrificing a small area of the pitch is necessary to ensure the Bandits can continue to contribute to the significant costs involved in operating the stadium.”

It’s anticipated the work required will be carried out by the Bandits in time for the new speedway season in 2020.

Meanwhile, Berwick Rangers were also proud to receive a message recently from none other than Sir Billy Connolly CBE. The Big Yin, a ‘fan’ since the 1967 Scottish Cup win over Rangers, encouraged them to keep performing well and said he’d visit next time he was in Scotland.