DC Gymnastics represent Berwickshire in South Durham

On Sunday, November 18, DC Gymnastics Women's Artistic Squad members competed in the North Region Teams, at Level 6 & 5, hosted by South Durham Gymnastics Club.

Monday, 19th November 2018, 12:25 pm
Updated Monday, 19th November 2018, 2:09 pm
Mercedes, Leonnie and Millie

They represented our area – DC Gymnastics attracts Gymnasts from both sides the Border – with passion and sporting professionalism vastly beyond their seven to 11 years of age.

Milly Sykes, Mercedes Wilson and Leonnie Kelly at Level 6 and Ava Burgon, Inara Viaene, Tanya Seaton and Imogen Meakin at Level 5 were the gymnasts competing in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, which is demanding.

With other centres that have traind olympians competing from British Gymnastics North Region, this competition was to be a challenge. A challenge to which DC Gymnastics Gymnasts stepped up to with; courage (what they do in the competition arena requires considerable bravery), strength, flexibility, precise skill execution, highly refined spatial awareness and artistic style.

Inara Viaene competing

Head Coach Debbie Couch said: “High finishing positions were not to be on this occasion, but our squad teams, representing this amazing area that we live in, secured multiple individual improvements from their previous competitions.

“DC Gymnastics and its supporters are really proud of what is being achieved.”

Individual skills required at Level 6/5, across all four pieces in the Women’s Artistic competition arena, are challenging enough. But the reality is that Women’s Artistic Gymnastics execute multiple combinations of these demanding skills, as essential performance baselines, not optional extras. Massively testing for any gymnast, across all four pieces. Individual skill examples;

Beam - Flick Walkout (The beam is 4’10” high and just 3’.9” wide. Roughly the size of a smart phone).

Bars - Straddle Undershoot Dismount/Half Turn (A straddle position dIsmount from the high bar, 8’2” high)

Floor - Free Cartwheel & Tuck Front Summersault.

Vault - Handspring, Half On Half Off.

These personal attributes are developed via a demanding training program that is embraced by DC Gymnastics athletes over a 46 weeks year, which is presently 12 /13 hours training per week. Training hours are likely to increase in 2019 for DC Gymnastics competitive squads, as skill demands increase.

Neil Couch - Managing Director of DC Gymnastics said: “Our youngest squad member to compete this time was seven years and 10 months old, the oldest 11 years.

“Their passion, personal drive and team spirit are so admirable, inspirational. They are young, but have the hearts and souls of Olympians. As an employer when I see competitive gymnast on a CV, I sit up, refine my focus and take note.”