Station’s on-line petition

Sign up to keep the pressure on for the re-opening of Reston Station as soon as possible.
Sign up to keep the pressure on for the re-opening of Reston Station as soon as possible.

An online petition calling for the opening of Reston Station has been signed by hundreds of people after being started at the weekend.

Alice Fisher, who moved to Coldingham in 2012, started the petition, frustrated at the delays in getting a local rail service, with trains stopping at Reston.

“For almost ten years this project has been continuously pushed back year after year,” said Alice. “Now we need your help to put the pressure on and make this dream a reality - we need signatures.

“The latest ‘promises’ received from Transport Scotland is that these stations will be opened between 2019 and 2024.

“Will they? We might hear in 2024 that it’ll be another ten years. This has to stop. No more delayed promises. We can’t wait any longer. We want those stations opened ASAP.”

One of the first people to sign the online petition was former Scottish Borders councillor Dave Jones who said: “I have been pushing for the reopening of Reston Station since moving to Coldingham 21 years ago. After failed promise after failed promise we still seem to be no nearer in bringing this much needed facility to east Berwickshire to boost the area economy.

“Way back in my councillor days we were asked to be patient regarding reopening of Reston Station until the Waverley Line was in place and then all SBC’s drive would be to ensure the fruition of Berwickshire’s economic/social aspirations.”

The petition will be sent to Scottish Transport Minister Humza Yousef. The latest delay in starting a local rail service between Edinburgh and Berwick, with new stations at East Linton and Reston, is down to a new line capacity study, which is expected to be published this spring.