Scottish Water urges customers to use water wisely

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Scottish Water is urging customers in parts of the Borders to use their water wisely as a result of the prolonged dry period of weather.

The conditions, combined with significantly increased water usage levels in the area, have prompted Scottish Water to ask customers served by the Rawburn water treatment works (most Berwickshire towns and villages) to take simple water efficiency measures to ensure continued supply to homes and businesses. The same applies to customers served by Howden water treatment works (Gordon, Westruther and Hume).

The steps people can take include: taking shorter showers; using a watering can rather than a hose to water plants; using a bucket rather than a hose to wash vehicles and only wash windscreens/lights; turning off taps whenever possible; using washing machines and dishwashers fully loaded.

Scottish Water is also asking businesses to consider their usage and how they can use water more efficiently.

Peter Farrer, Scottish Water’s chief operating officer, said: “We are urging everyone living and working locally to take simple, practical and common sense steps to use water wisely. In the area served by Howden WWTW it’s important that people consider their water needs and usage.

“This period of weather has been unusually prolonged and we’ve seen usage levels increase significantly. We need the community to think about how water is used and to take practical actions to make sure we keep the water cycle flowing.”