River Tweed fishing ‘dire’

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The recent spell of hot weather has led to drastically low water levels on the River Tweed which is having a serious impact on salmon fishing.

On his Tweedbeats online blog last month Andrew Douglas Home wrote: “Tweed salmon fishing has all but ceased. The river is at, or even below, summer level, and the afternoon water temperatures here at Coldstream are consistently in the mid 70s.

He went on to say that only 1,030 salmon and 254 sea trout have been caught so far, adding: “It is a pretty disastrous situation for everyone connected with the salmon fishing industry. Is it a crisis? Well, if not, it is not far from it.”

Luke Comins, Tweed Forum director responded: “Yes, things are pretty dire on the fishing front just now. However, we have had dry summers in the past and the Tweed fishery has endured just fine. This dry spell comes on the back of a poor spring, and a drastically-reduced autumn run last season, so the ‘crisis’ that Andrew refers to is less about the heat wave, and more about long-term trends.”