Repair work on Berwick’s Old Bridge

A damaged section of the Old Bridge in Berwick.
A damaged section of the Old Bridge in Berwick.

Berwick’s Old Bridge is currently closed for three weeks while repairs are done to a damaged section of the Grade 1 structure which is around 400 years old.

Consent for the work was given by Historic England and Northumberland County Council are co-ordinating the repairs.

The lengthy timescale includes allowances for the installation and removal of the scaffold access to carry out the repair work which began on Monday, January 7.

The road is closed to vehicles while repairs are undertaken but there will still be access for pedestrians and cyclists.

An emergency inspection of the bridge was carried out in November after a small section of pier 8 fell into the River Tweed, and a Northumberland County Council spokesperson said at the time: “There has been a small area of damage identified at the end of one pier this week that requires attention to prevent further damage over the winter period.

“There is no risk to its overall structural integrity and the damage identified at the pier does not pose any public safety issues.”

“This is to be just the start of repairs to the Old Bridge that is in dire need of restoration,” said Northumberland County Council councillor Catherine Seymour.

“It is worthy of being highlighted and is one of my funding priorities on the Local Transport Plan. The bridge, with its huge volume of traffic and recent stardom in the film The Outlaw King, has long been neglected and needed substantial work and funding.

“With Northumberland benefiting and awarded an extra £7.7 million of government funding amongst a programme of work to bridges and roads, Berwick Old Bridge’s start of repairs and resurfacing is to be included.”