RBS mobile bank changes

Royal Bank of Scotland is increasing its mobile banking services at Duns and Eyemouth as part of its new timetable changes which started this week.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 11:46 am
Updated Tuesday, 5th March 2019, 11:47 am

Both towns will get a second visit by the mobile branch at the end of the week. As part of the timetable changes it also will visit Leitholm, Foulden, Paxton and Allanton at slightly different times to previously.

The bank will be at: Duns on Mondays (10.50-11.50am) and Fridays (3.05-3.35pm); Eyemouth on Mondays (2.35-3.35) and Fridays (10-10.40am); Leitholm on Fridays (2.10-2.40pm); Foulden on Fridays (11-11.30am); Paxton on Mondays (10-10.30am); and Allanton on Fridays (11.45am-12.15pm).

Borders John Lamont is urging constituents to get in touch if they have any concerns about the changes.

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He said: “On the face of it, this new timetable appears to be an improvement on the old one.

“I have spoken to the bank and they claim that these changes are about maximising the number of stops their two mobile bank routes can make. I’d encourage customers to get in touch with me to let me know how the timetable is working.

“While a mobile service is absolutely no replacement for a physical branch, it is nevertheless good news that the bank has kept all its existing stops and increased some.”

“However, I’m sure people will spot the irony of the bank deciding to increase services in the very towns that lost their physical bank. This new timetable only highlights the mistake RBS made in shutting our branches.”