Q&As to follow film that exposes the dark side of banking

Volunteer Hall Duns
Volunteer Hall Duns

Duns Film Club is hosting the second Scottish viewing of the documentary ‘Spank the Banker’ on Sunday, April 28, at 4pm in the Volunteer Hall, Duns.

The screening will be followed by a questions and answer session with the documentary’s BAFTA award winning director Samir Mehanovic, George Kerevan, former MP and member of the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee, and Ian Fraser, award winning journalist.

‘Spank the Banker’ is described as the story of the world’s biggest bank heist and how they got away with it Samir Mehanovic says his latest, feature-length, cinema documentary is “all about winning justice and compensation for tens of thousands of people scammed by big banks like RBS and Lloyds”.

“My films are about exposing injustice while giving the victims the dignity of speaking for themselves. But not all injustice takes place abroad. Since 2008, over 100,000 small businesses in the UK, Europe and America have been deliberately looted by the big British banks and their corporate lawyers,” said Mehanovic.

Mehanovic’s latest film follows the individual stories of six ordinary, yet defiant, individuals who fought back against Britain’s financial system and the legal and political tricks the big banks use to crush opposition.

Mehanovic’s co-producer former MP George Kerevan, explains: “Assets have been stolen through fraudulent lending, falsified documentation and financial manipulation. Experts reckon £100 billion has been looted which makes it the biggest heist in history. Yet the regulatory authorities do nothing.

“Spank the Banker is going to send the culprits to jail.

“This was not an easy film to make. On several occasions we were escorted out of Canary Wharf, where the banks are headquartered, by security staff. We were stopped from filming outside the Bank of England, which the public are supposed to own. No senior banker was prepared to be interviewed on camera.”