Projects will seek community votes for their funding bids

Connect Berwickshire Youth Project
Connect Berwickshire Youth Project

The second round of Scottish Borders Council’s Localities Bid Fund is open for applications, with £48,374 available for Berwickshire projects.

Applications are being accepted from July 2, until October 1, from projects and initiatives that address local priorities and benefit local towns, villages and communities. Members of the public vote for the projects they want to receive the money after a short list is drawn up.

After the first funding bid earlier this year four successful Berwickshire projects received a share of the £42,650 available: Friends of Duns Primary School (£29,000); Connect Berwickshire Youth Project (£6000): Duns Amateur Swimming Club (£650); Duns & District Men’s Shed (£7,300).

Changes have been made to the process this time around and Berwickshire Area Partnership will decide: if there is a cap on the amount groups can bid for; if applications should be based around a certain theme; if funding should be allocated in a certain way (e.g. urban/rural split); and whether a cash contribution from the projects should be required.