MP’s concern over economy

Borders MP John Lamont.
Borders MP John Lamont.

Borders MP John Lamont has hit out at Scotland’s SNP Government after new figures showed the Scottish economy growing at less than half the rate of the rest of the UK.

Official Scottish Government statistics reveal that in the third quarter of 2017, the Scottish economy grew by 0.2%, while the UK’s economy grew by twice as much. The Scottish economy has grown by 0.6%; equivalent UK growth over the year was 1.7%.

Mr Lamont said the news contradicts the SNP’s claim that Brexit is to blame for poor economic growth in Scotland and is calling on the Scottish Government to focus on economic growth.

“Scotland’s economy continues to lag behind the rest of the UK and these figures show growth is now less than half of what it should be,” said Mr Lamont.

“The fact that the rest of the UK is enjoying much higher economic growth blows a hole in the SNP’s tired excuse that Brexit is to blame. If that was true, the UK economy would also be struggling in the same way.

“The truth is that these figures are the product of two decisions by the SNP Government: tax hikes and the continued threat of a second independence referendum. Both are putting off business and investment coming to Scotland and stifling economic growth north of the Border. The SNP need to focus on improving these figures.”