Plans for 11 new beach huts at Coldingham Bay

Permission has been given for 11 new beach huts at Coldingham Bay and new guidelines drawn up for any changes or replacement of the existing 60 huts in the bay.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 24th April 2017, 1:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 6:55 pm

Scottish Borders Council own the 60 beach huts at the bay which are rented out to tenants. Now blanket approval has been given to tenants that will allow them to replace or alter the huts provided they do so within the agreed specifications and colour palette.

The council’s chief planning officer approved the plans agreeing that “the proposed development would enhance the existing leisure uses”.

The planning application for the 11 new beach huts and agreement on future changes to the existing huts was submitted by SBC’s Michael Marsh, service director assets and infrastructure.

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Recommending approval SBC planning officer Scott Shearer said: ”Over time changes have been made to individual huts which has led to a somewhat fragmented appearance along the bay because of the range of hut designs and sizes.

“There are no permitted development rights to alter huts. Previously individual tenants have had to obtain planning consent to alter or undertake development works but in reality a lot of changes have been made without the relevant permissions.

“The scale, design, material finishes and colour palette proposed are typical for beach huts and would create a more uniform appearance along the Coldingham Sands and enhance its contribution to the Special Landscape Area.”

Accepting the addition of 11 new huts on the beach, the chief planning officer said: “The sites identified for new huts have space to accommodate the buildings without overdeveloping this sensitive location.”

The Berwickshire coastal path runs behind and in front of the beach huts and a condition is included to ensure it remains open and is not blocked by development works or the positioning of any huts.