Residents get crafty for Coldstream Civic Week

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After having kept their crafting escapades quiet for nearly a year, 12 crafters from Coldstream are about to bring a bit of fun to Coldstream Civic Week.

The brainchild of resident Ailsa Dickson meant that the 12 crafters have been working away furiously since September last year, whilst keeping their endeavours secret from everyone.

The 60+ knitted jockeys each represent a Coldstreamer with his own colours for their year and will be up on display throughout the town from Saturday, August 3 until Sunday, August 11.

The whole project has been self funded and has taken hundreds of hours to complete. No two jockeys are the same, as each crafter has applied their artistic flair to make them all unique and individual.

Even the Coldstream Burgh Standard and each Rosette has been handmade. So keep an eye out for these little chaps during Coldstream Civic Week.

Ailsa Dickson: “I just thought it would be nice to do something crafty for Civic Week and the idea was out of my mouth before I could stop it. How everyone has come on board and worked so hard has been phenomenal.

“The last few Coldstreamers to be knitted will be completed just before the Saturday they go up, so it has been a bit close to the wire. We hope that everyone enjoys seeing them during the week. All of us wish the Coldstreamer, Left and Right Hand Men and the Cavalcades Safe Oot, Safe In.”

It was back in September 2018, Ailsa came up with the idea to knit every Coldstreamer of Civic Week from every year and display them through the town during Coldstream Civic Week. The planning and pattern adaptation took until December 2018.

Since then, 12 crafters from Coldstream have knitted, assembled, stuffed, sewn, crocheted and needlefelted to make it a reality.

Ailsa’s husband, son and nephew have all been Coldstreamer over the years.