Helping keep communities safe during the Halloween and fireworks weekend

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Between October 31 and November 5, Operation Torsion will be running across the whole of the Lothians and Scottish Borders Policing Division to keep local communities and partners safe during the Halloween and fireworks weekend.

Operation Torsion is a divisionally run operation with local community and response officers working with partners to tackle any antisocial behaviour and disorder that occurs.

Officers have already undertaken work, along partners from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and local authorities, within schools and communities raising the awareness of the dangers of fireworks.

The Halloween and Bonfire weekend is always one of the busiest in the year for policing and other partners in other Emergency Services and we will work together to ensure we can most effectively prevent incidents occurring and respond to incidents that arise.

Superintendent Helen Harrison of the Lothians and Scottish Borders Police Division said: “The 5th of November is one of the busiest days of the year for the emergency services and I would encourage our local communities to work with us to help deter incidents of fireworks related antisocial behaviour or disorder.

“Every year we work closely with our partner’s across the Lothians and Scottish Borders to minimise the risk and dangers associated with unsupervised bonfires and fireworks.

“Advice from the SFRS is to attend a safely organised bonfire and firework display. These displays are planned well and checked to ensure no hazardous or dangerous materials are used on the bonfire.

“Deliberate fire setting and attacks on the emergency service workers is an offence and we encourage people to report any information relating to individuals, who may be responsible to Police Scotland. We want people to enjoy the fireworks. Minimising the risk of injury and reducing the nuisance factor of fireworks will ensure that the fireworks season can be enjoyable for all.”