Consultation opens on expanded Jim Clark Rally plans

Drivers about to begin a stage at Duns at 2014's Jim Clark Rally.
Drivers about to begin a stage at Duns at 2014's Jim Clark Rally.

Scottish Borders Council has launched a public consultation on the proposed expansion of the Jim Clark Rally, including a stage taking in the iconic Scott’s View.

The rally organiser has applied for a Motor Sport Order, and legislation requires the council to consider any potential impacts, both positive and negative, on local communities and businesses before a decision is taken to issue the order or not.

The legislation also requires that the public is consulted about the planning and implementation of the event. In addition to the council’s consultation the organiser will also be communicating directly with community councils and residents along the proposed routes.

As in 2019, the council has decided to launch a public consultation, available online via to enable stakeholders to provide their views.

Community councils and local residents will also have the opportunity to hear about the plans and provide comments at upcoming meetings of the Berwickshire, Cheviot and Eildon Area Partnerships.

Councillor Euan Jardine, SBC’s Executive Member for Culture and Sport, said: “Following the successful return of this major sporting event to closed roads last November it is fantastic that the organiser has been able to provide such detailed proposals already for the rally to take place at its more traditional time of year.

“The Jim Clark Rally is one of many sporting events in the Scottish Borders that brings competitors and visitors from across the world to our area and the council continues to do all it can to support these due to the positive impact they have on our economy.”

Councillor Mark Rowley, SBC’s executive member for Business and Economic Development, added: “I am delighted that the rally organiser has taken the opportunity provided by the recent legislation to expand the Jim Clark Rally and showcase even more of the exceptional Scottish Borders.

“The proposed route for this year’s event would take it to the Berwickshire coast and right in to the central Scottish Borders, and we hope increase the already significant economic benefit out even further than before.

“I’d encourage anyone with an interest, particularly those on the proposed routes and local businesses, to take part in the consultation as this will not only help the council to determine the application for the Motor Sport Order but also assist in ongoing discussions with the event organiser.”

The online consultation will close on March 8.

Draft stage plans and a schedule can be viewed here