Osprey season now underway as eggs are spotted

Organisers for the Tweed Valley Osprey project are hoping for an action packed viewing season now that they have spotted two eggs in the nest.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 8th May 2012, 7:16 am

It is understood that the first egg was laid around April 9 which means hatching could be as early as mid May, possibly making the chick the first to hatch in Scotland. The organisers for the project have spotted two eggs to date but because the nest is piled high there could be more just out of sight.

Osprey Information Officer Diane Bennett said: “We’re thrilled that our ospreys are looking like having yet another successful breeding season and we are keeping our fingers crossed that all goes to plan. If there are more than two eggs that would be a real bonus.

“I’d welcome anyone with an interest in the ospreys, or wildlife in general, to pop into our new osprey viewing centre at Glentress Peel and at Kailzie to watch the birds live on our screens. Our team of volunteers are also on hand to explain what is going on.”

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Ospreys have been nesting in the Tweed Valley for more than 16 years. The Tweed Valley Ospreys Project, a partnership between the Forestry Commission Scotland, Kailzie Gardens and RSPB Scotland, has helped safeguard the birds and allowed the public to enjoy them through two viewing centres.

The project not only offers close circuit TV footage of ospreys, but also of other birds. Both centres have been upgraded with state of the art high definition cameras and new flat screens to enhance the viewing experience for the visitor. Visitors can now watch every moment of the ospreys lives at their eyrie in stunning clarity and compare the family life with the herons at the same time.

The herons at Kailzie Gardens already have two chicks to watch and the blue-tits have just laid eggs. At Glentress the owl box has a visitor bringing in nesting material however it is still a mystery to which bird is nesting.