Independence supporters need to show us more facts and figures

SIR, - With regard to the letter in The Berwickshire News March 1, from Joan Campbell, I would agree with her sensible comment we all need some hard facts on the effects of Scottish independence.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 12th March 2012, 2:00 pm

The point I made previously to Mr Walthew, who was unable to respond constructively, was about what will be the cost of additional civil servants and the bureaucracy, the armed forces, the national debt – all to be borne by a comparatively small number of people.

Mr Walthew misses the point on small nations. Of course countries even as small as Iceland can exist, but they have to cut their cloth according to their means. And are more vulnerable in economic hard times.

We already have a very large welfare cost, so to maintain benefits at their present level simple arithmetic tells me we will need to find more money from somewhere. Perhaps the Scottish Regiments will have to disband to help cover the cost of more government.

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So let us hear from those that consider there to be a benefit from independence as to how they will balance the budget. Or will we all need to pay more tax?

Mr Walthew also fails to explain how an independent nation can use the currency of another run by the Bank of England, So we will end up with no fiscal control (therefore not independent). Therefore, is the plan to have our own pound or use the Euro?

I still say better to work together than apart, but lets have the real facts so we can all decide, and not just be beguiled by the romance of independence.


Mordington House,