Eyemouth beach needs looked after

SIR,- Last week a dog was seriously injured by a broken bottle on Eyemouth beach, while an owner walked their family pet.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 14th April 2011, 11:38 am

Eyemouth beach plays an enjoyable part to locals as an enjoyable location, attracting many dog owners.

Council officials often observe dog owners, making sure no undesirable mess is left behind on the beach.

Concerned, responsible dog owners would appreciate it very much if something was also done about hazzardous objects.

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Last year, for instance, a dead sheep lay for three weeks before getting washed out to sea. I believe this wouldn’t have been left it was during the holiday season.

The police should also do something about underage drinkers in and around the steps leading to the caravan park. The area in mention is not often used but nevertheless is unsightly and covered in beer cans, smashed glass etc.

More should be done off season on the beach so locals can enjoy a safe place to take not only pets, but their children as well.

I do hope no more pets, or people suffer anymore injuries on our precious beach in the future.