NHS Borders 2018-19 budget

Christine Grahame MSP
Christine Grahame MSP

The bulk of the £5.4 million additional money for NHS Borders from the Scottish Government will cover pay awards for staff.

Borders MSP Christine Grahame said the funding boost for NHS Borders will support frontline health care and help meet new demands across the Borders,

A statement from NHS Borders said: “The £5.4m is made up of £3m revenue, which will meet the additional costs of the pay award for our staff, the £2.4m capital allocation is the same as our current year’s allocation.

“A report on the implications of the draft financial settlement for 2018/19 was presented to the board on January 18, and a further report on the financial pressures we face will go to the board on April 5.”

At the NHS Borders board meeting in January, it was minuted that: “Work is underway to update and develop NHS Borders’ financial plan for 2018/19. Based on information which is currently available the financial outlook remains very challenging.”

Ms Grahame said: “The SNP in Government continues to deliver for our NHS in the Borders.

“NHS Borders having an extra £5.4m to play with in the coming year will be transformational for our communities – supporting frontline health care in the Borders and helping us meet new demands and pressures.”