Missing Coldstream dog finds her way back home

THERE was a happy ending for a Coldstream lady on Tuesday morning when her 11 year old Yorkshire terrier, missing since Sunday afternoon, returned home.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 30th May 2012, 9:39 am

Heartbroken Patricia Allen spent Sunday evening and all day Monday desperately searching for Pepi who went missing from Coldstream on Sunday afternoon around 4pm. Patricia took Pepi in three years ago when the dog’s previous owner died, and the pair have been inseparable since.

It is thought that Pepi managed to crawl under the gate outside Patricia’s home in Gowanlea, near the Tweed Green, but by the time Patricia realised the little Yorkie was missing and started searching for her there was no sign.

“She never goes out on her own,” said Patricia, who is in her seventies. “Sometimes she managed to get under the gate but the only place she went to was up the path and she would stand at the bottom corner of Gas Lane. I think someone has come down and taken her. Half the town has been out looking for her.”

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The police were informed about her disappearance and an appeal was broadcast on Radio Borders for any information about where she might be.

“We think that when she got out on Sunday afternoon she went along to the river and someone took her. There were a lot of people about.

“About 11am on Tuesday morning a neighbour heard a yap, and called me and I found her hiding in the hedge outside my back door. She’d obviously crawled back under the gate.

“I think that whoever took her brought her back overnight and she found her way back home. She was tired, wet and confused but is back to normal now.

“I’m so happy to have her back. She’s an old dog and know what she wants and I think that if someone had her she wouldn’t want to eat, and she barks at strangers - she probably barked none stop.”

Patricia is very grateful for all the help she received from local people who went out to look for Pepi. And as for Pepi herself - she’s back to normal, sleeping on Patricia’s bed at night and enjoying a lie in in the mornings until around 10am.

It’s a dog’s life!