Fishing fleet visits Eyemouth

Eyemouth harbour is currently busy with prawn fishing boats from the west coast of Scotland who are fishing grounds to the north and east of the fishing port.

Wednesday, 14th November 2018, 12:21 pm
Seeing Red! The west coast based fishing vessels currently using Eyemouth harbour facilities.

The harbour has no record of many of these boats having landed their catch in Eyemouth so for some it’s their first time using the port’s berthing and refuelling facilaities.

Feedback from the owners and skippers suggests they will be in the region for some time, possibly until Christmas.

Donald MacLean, managing director of Barratlantic (Processors) Ltd who has vessels currently using Eyemouth said: “In the past couple of years there’s been little or no fishing on the west coast so many vessels have headed east.

“Eyemouth has offered us an excellent base and we’re really happy with the facilities, services and welcome we’ve received.”

With the new ice plant at Eyemouth opening in the new year, Eyemouth Harbour Trust is keen to welcome newcomers to the port as well as encourage existing customers to make use of the facilities and services available to them.

Richard Lawton, Eyemouth harbour master commented: “It’s great to be able to welcome these boats into Eyemouth.

“The visiting fleet has been making full use of the deep-water basin and the services we offer, bolstering the local fleet and adding to the viability of the harbour.

“The new ice facility will further enhance the attraction of the harbour for these boats in the New Year and we hope to continue our partnership with the west coast fleet, the northern boats and visitors from further afield.”

The new ice plant and conveyor system, which will provide fishing vessels using the port with ice, is currently being installed at Eyemouth harbour.

There has been no ice produced at the harbour since March 2016 “for reasons beyond the control of the harbour trust” but now, thanks to a £91,264 European Maritime & Fisheries Fund (EMFF) grant, Eyemouth Harbour Trust is installing a new ice production facility which they will own and operate.

“Provision of ice for our fishing fleet and visiting fishing vessels is paramount to being able to continue as a fishing port in the long term, maintaining the tradition within Eyemouth,” said Christine Bell, Eyemouth Harbour Trust business manager.