Visit Lizzie the lobster at Eyemouth hatchery

The clicker clacker of tiny pinchers can be heard in Eyemouth after dozens of baby lobsters were welcomed to a hatchery in the town.

By Kirsty Smyth
Wednesday, 2nd February 2022, 4:34 pm

Berwickshire Marine Reserve, which launched the pilot Lobster Hatchery and Education Centre at the Hippodrome last month, is currently looking after 68 babies and six juveniles.

The youngsters were brought in from a Northumberland hatchery while Eyemouth waits for babies from its own expectant mother – Lizzie the Lobster – who is currently residing at the Harbour Road site.

Emma Paterson, project officer for the lobster hatchery, explained: “When she releases her eggs we will then collect them and put them in a different tank.

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A Berwickshire Marine Reserve team outside the lobster hatchery and education centre in Eyemouth Hippodrome.

"It does take nine months for them to release so in the meantime we got babies from the hatchery in Amble."

Reserve staff are raising the babies, which are fed fish food and mysis three times a day, before their release later this year.

“We've not confirmed details of the release yet, but it is most likely to be sometime in the summer,” Emma said.

"Some will be taken by divers and placed on the sea bed and others will be released on the shore so people can come watch.”

Around 80 people attended the launch of the hatchery, when a giant lobster could be seen running around the town and handing out cake.

The hatchery is open to the public every Saturday between 11am and 3pm throughout February.

School and community groups can visit on Wednesdays and Fridays. Contact [email protected] to book in.