Ellem Fishing Club shares a trout’s eye view of the river

The Ellem Fishing Club, the oldest existing trout angling club in the world, is adopting modern technology to extend its exhibition space at Paxton House.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 9th March 2015, 12:16 pm
Ellem fishing club display club expanding at Paxton House
Ellem fishing club display club expanding at Paxton House

A new and enlarged Ellem Club Exhibition/Museum will open on March 18 at the country house.

And now a computer based interactive display will provide information about the river Whiteadder, its history and ecosystems, angling techniques etc and, in particular, by kind permission of Sir Michael Strang-Steel, videos from the underwater cameras installed recently by him, at Philphaugh Cauld, River Tweed, Selkirk.

The club was founded in 1829 by a small group of Edinburgh businessmen, most of whom were lawyers. The inaugural meeting took place in The Ellem Tavern at Ellemford, a hamlet on the upper reaches of the Whiteadder.

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The exhibition opened in 2007, and has proved to be very popular and successful as evidenced by the many favourable comments in the visitors book.

This new and enlarged exhibition involved considerable expense and has only been possible thanks to the enthusiastic and generous support from many sponsors.

A booklet on the club’s history is available for purchase for £6 at Paxton House shop or from Eric Gassner (Hon. Secretary/Treasurer). Email [email protected]