Echo needs new elbows

Echo the Newfoundland needs elbow replacement surgery that will cost over �10,000.
Echo the Newfoundland needs elbow replacement surgery that will cost over �10,000.

The owners of Echo the Newfoundland dog, Coldingham couple Candise and Barry Rackstraw, are fundraising for a £10,000 operation he needs.

At five months old Echo went lame and was taken to the Royal Dick Vets in Edinburgh, but they were unable to help and he was prescribed pain killers. Now 16 months old he has been examined by a TV vet who belives that the only hope for Echo is replacement elbow surgery on both legs.

“He had his appointment last week where they did more x-rays, CT scans and put cameras into both elbows,” explained Candise.

“His elbows are much worse than anyone expected, he was graded as a five on both, which is the worst possible score. He will need elbow replacement surgeries with custom built implants.

“He has insurance but we are still facing a huge shortfall, probably at least £10,000.

“People who have met Echo know how wonderful he is, but for those who don’t know him, he is an absolute sweetheart of a pup who doesn’t deserve to be in such chronic pain. Yes surgery is expensive but he deserves a chance to be pain free.

“There can never be guarantees but these elbow replacements could give him a good chance to be free of pain.”

Candise and Barry have set up a Facebook group Echo’s New Elbows and are fundraising urgently.

“He gets his first operation on May 3, but we are really struggling to meet the costs of his second operation so have started a group called Echo’s New Elbows to hold online auctions, post his story, ask for donations, advertise fund raiser events etc,” explained Candise.

“If you can please donate, even a small amount will add up. If you can’t donate please share his group amongst your friends and families.

“Do you have any unwanted items you would be willing to give away that we could sell to raise funds on an online auction, table top sale and car boot sales? “Are you a business or have close links to a business that could donate a prize we could use in a raffle or small items that could be used for a tombola?

“I know it’s a big ask but we need to try and get this guy out of the excruciating chronic pain he is currently in.”

Their first event is an online auction on Sunday, March 25, and they are looking for donations for the auction as well as people looking to bid for items and help Echo’s fight back to health.