Local lord champions growing of GM crops

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Lord Palmer, of Manderston, Duns, voiced his support for genetically modified crops during a recent debate in the House of Lords.

He was taking part in an agriculture, fisheries and the rural environment debate on the “new opportunities and challenges for agriculture, fisheries, and the rural economy in the United Kingdom”.

During the debate Lord Palmer described the distribution of the single farm payment to farmers as an “unacceptable scandal” and said he was concerned about the effect of the living wage on food production costs - saying he fears “it could well be disastrous”.

Lord Palmer then went on to talk about the price of food today as being incredibly cheap and he urged that genetically modified crops be given a chance in the UK, saying: “We now have strong scientific evidence from the president of the UK science body, The Royal Society, that GM crops do not endanger every living human and plant, and I urge Her Majesty’s Government to pursue the future of GM crops with the same vigour as China and the United States have done for the last 21 years.”