Budget Bonds team take on Rust 2 Rome

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A Jooglin Jag with two Berwickshire men on board will be embarking on a 4500 mile road trip to raise funds for the Cure Parkinson’s Trust.

Alan Fairbairn, who lives in Duns, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s six years ago and he has persuaded his mate Joel Prentice from Swinton to join him on the epic road trip known as Rust 2 Rome. The trip starts in Edinburgh in June and covers 4500+ miles through France, the Swiss Alps and Italy finishing in Rome 10 days later.

However, the catch is that it has to be done in a vehicle costing no more than £500.

“After much searching online, through newspaper’s etc we found the perfect car - a 16 year young Jaguar V6 X type bought for £250,” said Alan.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t find an Aston Martin DB5 within the £500 budget to truly recreate the James Bond theme, hence the team name of The Budget Bonds.

“What makes this trip more of a personal challenge for myself is that I have Parkinson’s. So with this in mind the team has chosen to raise money for The Cure Parkinson’s Trust who are working to find a cure for a condition that affects over 127,000 people in the UK.”

The Cure Parkinson’s Trust funds research to slow, stop and reverse Parkinson’s which causes involuntary shaking movement in one or more parts of the body, stiff or inflexible muscles and slower or less co-ordinated body movement.

“We want to make sure that all money raised from donations goes to the Cure Parkinson’s Trust so the trip is being self-funded by ourselves and 100% of any donation goes to where it’s much needed and appreciated,” said Alan.

This is Parkinson’s Awareness Week, with World Parkinson’s Day, being marked on Wednesday, April 11 and Alan is keen to raise awareness of the disease and change people’s attitudes to those who have it.

“People shouldn’t make assumption but keep an open mind,” said Alan who keeps as active as possible as coach to Duns Junior Football team.

To donate to Cure for Parkinson’s go to: https://www.facebook.com/The-Budget-Bonds-long-way-too-Rome-1890437320972434/ and click on donate to the Virgin Giving Page.