Borders hospital is now clean and well maintained

infection control and cleanliness routines continue to improve at Borders General Hopsital according to inspectors who visited in December 2012.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 28th February 2013, 10:37 am

Since the hospital’s unimpressive appearance in the ‘dirty dozen’ of Scottish hospitals in the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate’s report in November 2010, inspectors report seeing significant improvements during two unannounced visits they made to the hospital.

Reporting on the previous visit in December 2012, Healthcare Environment Inspectorate inspectors said: “Overall, we found evidence that NHS Borders has made improvements since the previous inspection and is complying with the majority of NHS standards to protect patients, staff and visitors from the risk of acquiring an infection. In particular: the hospital was clean and well maintained; staff were aware of their responsibilities in relation to infection prevention and control with policies and procedures in place to support this, and there was good compliance with the dress code policy and hand hygiene.

“This inspection resulted in three requirements and two recommendations. NHS Borders must address the requirements and the necessary improvements made, as a matter of priority.”

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The three requirements are: having documentation in place for peripheral vascular catheter bundles and staff completing it appropriately; ensuring cleaning schedules for nursing staff are completed consistently; and ensuring effective systems are in place for patients and visitors to be given healthcare association infection information. The recommendations were: to ensure a clear plan for environmental audit results at ward level; and ensuring the risk assessment process when isolation room doors are left open is documented in patient healthcare records.

Calum Campbell, chief executive of NHS Borders said: “Since the previous report in 2011, it is clear that further progress has been made within the BGH and we are continuing to improve our policies and practices.

“Patient safety is our number one priority and we have shown we are committed to providing high standards of care, cleanliness and hygiene to minimise the risk of healthcare associated infection.

“We already have an action plan in place to ensure we implement the recommendations in the report.”