Tea with a natural fizz on tap next to beer

Eyemouth brewed fermented sparkling kombucha tea drinks are the first to be available on tap.
Eyemouth brewed fermented sparkling kombucha tea drinks are the first to be available on tap.

An Eyemouth company is leading the field when it comes to putting a wellness drink behind the bar on tap next to craft beers.

Left Field Kombucha, which makes a range of fermented kombucha tea drinks, is the first brewer in the UK to have its products on draught in bars next to craft beer.

The first place to have their kombucha on tap, back in summer 2017, was the Hemelvaart Bier Café at Ayton - described by the Sunday Telegraph as a “… sweet shop for beer lovers”.

Phil Walker, the joint owner, said: “Left Field Kombucha was a no brainer for us. The craft beer market is saturated with bland alcohol free beers and we have struggled to find a cost-effective quality option. Then Left Field came along.

“Their product is outstanding, has health benefits (in terms of the healthy bacteria produced during fermentation) and gives us exactly what we need in terms of a draft low ABV (0.5%) alternative to beer. It is permanently on tap here; our customers love it.”

Fermented and good gut health kombucha on tap is tipped to be one of the key wellness trends of 2018.

Wellness expert Rachael Welford, says: “Fermented products have been all the rage this year, especially kombucha.”

She believes kombucha will feature alongside craft beer on tap in bars as the ‘sober-curious’ trend carries on and a bar in Kent is the latest to add kombucha to its on-tap range of drinks.

“Having a fizzy fermented drink like kombucha on tap is many people’s dream. Not only does it taste awesome, but it’s good for you,” added Rachel.

Left Field was co-founded in 2016 by former beer brewer at Sharps Brewery Geraint Roberts, and his wife, Jo Easingwood Roberts.

Explaining the reason why it works, Geraint Roberts, said: “Kombucha is a fermented tea drink with a natural fizz. So kombucha on tap makes for an obvious choice in a bar/pub/restaurant.

“Our aim was to create a fermented brew that belongs on the bar and with food. No added fruits or spices, just a real unadulterated brew.

“Low or no-alcohol drinks are everywhere – soda, cordial, pressé, iced tea, ginger-everything-and-anything; the options are almost unlimited.

“These all respond to an emerging trend where, for a number of reasons, people are choosing to drink less alcohol. In fact, 21 per cent of adults don’t drink alcohol at all and alcohol consumption in general has been falling for a decade.

“A key advantage that kombucha has over say a low- alcohol beer is that it is achieves the same aim through a completely natural process. And it also pours like a beer.”

Draught kombucha includes sugar but much of it is consumed by the fermentation process, so the end result is less sugar than most soft drinks, and somewhere on a par to beer.

Left Field Kombucha is stocked on tap at the top vegan eatery, Harmonium, in Leith, Edinburgh and head chef, Vic Henderson, said: “We are the first bar to stock it in Edinburgh. It’s perfect with all our dishes or on its own.”