Back to business for Bavs shops

The Berwickshire Association for Voluntary Services (Bavs) charity shops closed their doors on March 21, just one of the casualties of lockdown in response to Covid-19.

Thursday, 16th July 2020, 3:55 pm
Berwickshire Association for Voluntary Services is reopening its Eyemouth shop after lockdown

Now, as the virus retreats and lockdown regulations are cautiously relaxed, Bavs has announced the shops will soon open again, starting with Eyemouth tomorrow (Friday).

Excited as Bavs staff - and volunteers - are to reopen, they know that life is still not ’back to normal’.

Pauline Pearson, Bavs shop manager at Eyemouth, said: “We are so looking forward to seeing volunteers and customers, old and new, back in our shops after all this time and to start earning the much needed money to support our work in Berwickshire’s communities.

“We also want to remind everyone that caution is still necessary and importantly to let you know about the changes we have put in place to ensure everyone’s safety.’

“The first change is that we ask you to book a time slot to visit the shop. To do this please call 01890 750 212. This is to control numbers and ensure comfortable social distancing.

“If you arrive without a time slot, we may have to turn you away or ask you to wait, so please do call first.

“Secondly, although we will open week days from 10am-3pm and Saturdays from 10am-1pm, please note that only Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are shopping days.

Monday and Thursday are reserved for dropping off and receiving donations.

We will date label those donations and put them in quarantine for 72 hours so you can sure that they are safe when you buy.

“Finally, because we must quarantine donations, we will be tight for space so we ask you to bring us only items that you yourself would be happy to buy - that is, clean, complete and undamaged.

“And for the time being, while we adjust, we can only accept certain items.

“Please also remember that face coverings must be worn in all shops in Scotland,” she said.

Items that can be accepted are: clean clothes and clean linen, placed neatly in sealed bags; new/clean handbags and shoes; fiction books for all ages; vintage, antique and collectable items; and bric-a-brac.

Do not donate: children’s clothing, belts and men’s ties; duvets, pillows, cushion inners; furniture; non-fiction books; toys, soft and plastic; odd plates, tea cups, mugs and glasses; electrical goods; sports equipment and games; and coat hangers.