Things are looking up for Borders graduates

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Work experience, married with higher education, is an asset Borders companies are willing to pay for.

New data from the Department for Education reveals graduates from English universities with five years of experience working in the region earned a median salary of £25,700 in 2016-17.

That is 26 per cent more than those in the first year of work. The median salary is the middle point within a list of graduate salaries.

The data shows that across Scotland, people who graduated from universities in the West Midlands earned the most, with earnings of £29,400 five years after finishing their degrees.

At the other end of the spectrum were graduates from universities in the East of England, earning £22,700.

Medicine graduates have the highest salary five years after completing their courses – £46,600.

Former universities minister Chris Skidmore said he was delighted that earnings had continued to increase for recent graduates.

He said: “We want students and their parents to have the best possible information about higher education.

“This data is an invaluable tool to help students and parents make the right informed choice and know what to expect from their chosen course.”

In the Borders, 23 per cent of graduates from English universities had no sustained employment five years after finishing university.