Public to have their say on school

The three options for replacing Eyemouth Primary School were discussed by councillors on Thursday, but locals will get their say early next year.

Friday, 18th December 2020, 12:33 pm
Eyemouth High School

The options are to replace the school on adjacent land, establishing a campus with the high school, and a mixed campus-style setting with another building inside the high school grounds for younger children.

East Berwickshire councillors were told the pros and cons for each of the options – as reported last week –but all approved the report to take it to the next stage.

Councillor Carol Hamilton, who is the executive member for education, said: “Although an initial consultation has taken place between the leadership team and the parent council, community engagement and consultation will be undertaken in January and February, and I know from the community we will get the engaement we are looking for.

“This is a life-changing and exciting second chance for a new school, to get an education establishment they deserve, which is fit for purpose.

Councillor Helen Laing said: “This is a fresh opportunity to listen, to be open to suggestions and come to the best decision to meet the needs of the children of Eyemouth.

“I hope and trust that the consultation process will be robust and that concensus, or at least near concensus can be reached, and I will be playing my part as part of that process to the best of my ability.”

Councillor Jim Fullarton added: “I think we are all agreed that this is a fantastic opportunity for Eyemouth.

“The difficulty and frustration is that we are held up in this Covid pandemic.

“There is some confusion out in the community that this was not a proper consultation, but like the two other councillors I am looking forward to meeting with the community and looking at the options available.

“The hub aspect at the high school is something the officers have put forward. The issue here is that the primary school is in a central position in the town and the hub is at one side.

“Also the capacity of the high school could be implicated by moving all or part of the primary school there.

These are issues that the community must take on board.

“I look forward to a positive consultation with everyone, but everyone must play their part.

“The potential for Eyemouth is fantastic, however.”