Border Union Show results

Full results for the Border Union Show from Kelso.

Tuesday, 31st July 2012, 7:58 pm

CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS Andrew and Gillian McCowan; reserve: J. & C. Fletcher


BEEF CATTLE INTER-BREED CHAMPIONSHIP: Renton & Redden Partners, Clarence House, Shielfield, Berwick upon Tweed

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Reserve champion: Jan Boomaars, Stickle Heaton Farm, Cornhill on Tweed

ABERDEEN ANGUS: Best exhibit: Whittaker & Co Farms, Stickle Heaton Farm, Cornhill on Tweed, reserve T H Brewis, Lempitlaw, Kelso

Best group of one male and two female animals: Firm of Thomas Hodge, Rulesmains Farm, Duns

ow class winner: Firm of Thomas Hodge

NATIVE BEEF BREEDS: Best exhibit: G.R. Brooke, Linton Wold Farm, Kirby, Malton, reserve J.R.B. Wilson & Sons, Cowbog, Kelso

Best Hereford: J.R.B. Wilson & Sons

Best Hereford of opposite sex to champion: J.R.B. Wilson & Sons

Best group of three Herefords: J.R.B. Wilson & Sons, Cowbog, Kelso

CONTINENTAL BEEF BREEDS: Champion: Jan Boomaars, reserve: J.H.C. Campbell & Sons (Thrunton), Chathill, Alnwick.

Best Limousin: Renton & Redden Partners, reserve: J Watson, Bowsden Moor, Bowsden, Berwick upon Tweed

Best Simmental: A. & K. Gamble, Palace Farm, Crailing, Jedburgh, reserve: A. & K. Gamble

Best Simmental opposite sex to champion: A. & K. Gamble, reserve: A. & K. Gamble

OPEN YOUNG HANDLER: 16-21: E Ponder, reserve: Dane Ivinson

15 and under: Katie Gamble, reserve: Andrew Cameron/Neill Cormack


SHEEP INTER-BREED CHAMPIONSHIP: Champion: Roderick Runciman, Allanshaws, Galashiels; rreserve: Alan Cowens, Philiphaugh Old Mill, Philiphaugh, Selkirk

CHEVIOT: National Cheviot Show: Overall champion: Roderick Runciman; reserve Alan Cowens

Best exhibit: W.J.C. & S.J. Weir, Mainside, Hownam, Kelso; Reserve: W.N. Douglas, Catslackburn, Yarrow, Selkirk.

Best exhibit of opposite sex to champion: W. N. Douglas

Best group of ram, ewe, gimmer and ewe lamb: W.J.C. & S.J. Weir; reserve: W. N. Douglas

NORTH COUNTRY CHEVIOT: Best exhibit: Roderick Runciman; reserve: W. & J. Thomson, Hownam Grange, Kelso

Best group of ram, ewe, gimmer and ewe

lamb: Roderick Runciman; Reserve: W. & J.


LAIRG-TYPE CHEVIOT: Champion: Alan Cowens, Philiphaugh Old Mill, Philiphaugh, Selkirk; reserve: Kelsocleugh Farming, Yetholm

BLACKFACE: Best exhibit: Burncastle Farming Co. Burncastle, Lauder; reserve: Tollishill Farming, Tollishill, Oxton

Best opposite sex to champion: S. McClymont and Son, Tinnis, Yarrow, Selkirk; reserve: Tollishill Farming

TEXEL: Trophy: K.A. & R. Campbell, Drimsynie Estate, Lochgoilhead, Argyll; reserve: Steven Renwick, Craig Douglas, Yarrow, Selkirk

SUFFOLK: Best exhibit: Scott & Gavin Brown, Woodhead Farm, Gorebridge; reserve: Roseden & Lilburn Flock, North Middleton House, Wooler

Hugh Fraser Silver Salver: Roseden & Lilburn Flock

BORDER LEICESTER: Best exhibit: Mr & Mrs K. Irving, Kingfisher Farm, Rigg, Gretna; reserve: James W. Brown & others, Eildon Cottage, Mindrum Mill, Mindrum, Cornhill on Tweed

Exhibitor gaining most points: Mr & Mrs K. Irving

SCOTCH HALF-BRED: Best exhibit: W. Pate & Partners, Marvingston, Gifford, East Lothian; reserve: G.D. Pate & Sons, Stobshiels Mains, Humbie, East Lothian

Best pen of ewe lambs: G. D. Pate & Sons; reserve W. Pate and Partners

BLUEFACED LEICESTER: Best exhibit: R. H. Bell & Co, Roxburgh Mill, Kelso; reserve: W. Hedley, Corsbie, Earlston

SCOTCH MULE: Dunn Silver Challenge Cup for best exhibit: James Herdman, Edlingham Newtown, Edlingham, Alnwick; reserve: J. W. Fullerton, Corsbie, Earlston

UNREGISTERED SUFFOLKS: Champion: A.W. & B.T. Taylor, Belmont Farm, Kelso; reserve: Stewart Shaw, Smailholm Mains, Kelso

LLEYN: Champion: John Kingan, Laneside, New Abbey Road, Dumfries; Reserve: Bryan Walling, Over Whitlaw, Selkirk

ZWARTBLE: Champion: A. J. Thorburn, Holmlea North Road, Eastriggs, Annan; reserve: Charles Scott, Viewfields, East Middle, Hawick

BELTEX: Champion: S. Wood, Skene, Westhill, Aberdeenshire; reserve John J Barclay, Mid Brockloch, Maybole, Ayrshire

JACOB: Best exhibit: Stephen Dodsworth, Station View, Nawton, York; reserve: Stephen Dodsworth

SHETLAND: Champion: Mr & Mrs A. Bain, Bogg Holdings, Pencaitland; reserve: Mr & Mrs A. Bain

Best coloured exhibit: Mr & Mrs A. Bain; reserve: G. E. & J. Meikle, St Baldreds, Tyninghame, Dunbar

Best white exhibit: Mr & Mrs A. Bain; reserve: Mr & Mrs A. Bain

HEBRIDEAN: Champion: David Braithwaite, Ronaldkirk, Teesdale; reserve: Jonathan James, Hillside Cottage, Hyndfordwell, West Linton

Diversity group: G. J. Tulip, East High House Farm, Blanchland, Consett

BEST YOUNG SHEEP HANDLER: Joshua Thorburn; reserve: Lewis Runciman

PRIME LAMBS: Best pen: Robert Rennie, Sydenham, Kelso; reserve: J. W. Fullerton, Corsbie, Earlston


Champion mountain and moorland pony in-hand: Gavin Reilly, Nether Currie Rd, Currie; reserve: Mrs G. McMurray, Bellstown, Eaglesfield, Lockerbie

Champion mountain and moorland ridden pony: Anne Mitchell, Backdales, Denny; reserve: Mrs G. Whetter, New Shoreston Farm Cottage, Bamburgh

Riding pony youngstock champion: Mrs J. Cousens, Cromlix Stables, Dunblane, Perthshire; reserve: Mrs C. M. Duke, Little Hutton, Caldwell, Richmond

Champion brood mare: Rosslayne Stud, Raeburnhead, Kirkpatrick Fleming, Lockerbie; reserve: Miss L. D. Henderson, Hill View Farm, Longhorsley

Champion foal: Miss L. D. Henderson; reserve: Rosslayne Stud

Hunter pony breeding champion: Mrs G. Compton, Borrowby, Thirsk, reserve Mr & Mrs C. J. Anderson, Neither Stenries, Carrutherstown, Dumfries

Champion Welsh Section A: Gartconnel Stud, Killearn, Glasgow; reserve Mrs J. Cousens

Champion Welsh section B: Mrs A Bell, Moorland Close, Cockermouth; reserve: Miss S. Robson, Mosshouses, Howgate, Penicuik

Champion Welsh Section C & D: Mr & Mrs C. J. Anderson; reserve: Mrs J. Cousens

Lead rein and first ridden champion: Mrs K. Stewart, Fans, Earlston

In-hand Highland pony champion: Mrs G. McMurray; reserve: Anne Mitchell

Trophy for ridden Highland pony: Anne Mitchell, reserve Mrs J. Grant, Birks Cottage, East Heddon on the Wall, Northumberland

Highest placed registered Fell pony: not awarded

Best part-bred pony: Mrs C. M. Duke, Stable Cottage, Caldwell, Richmond

Best Shetland pony: Mrs Anne Roberts de Fernandez, The Secret House, Duns

Best Exmoor pony in-hand: Mr & Mrs I. M. Graham, Cleughside, Bailey, Newcastleton

Best Dartmoor pony: Mr & Mrs P. D. Tyler, Middle Park Farm, Pickhill, Thirsk

Champion in-hand Dartmoor pony: Mr & Mrs P. D. Tyler

Champion Connemara pony: Mr & Mrs F. P. Cowan, Scots Gap, Morpeth; reserve Mrs V. Williams, Coldside Farm, Stamfordham, Newcastle

Best Fell pony: Gavin Reilly, Nether Currie Road, Currie

Champion mountain and moorland working hunter pony: Mrs Laura de Wesselow, Swanstead, Belsay

Reserve champion mountain and moorland working hunter pony: Miss C. Young, Stables Cottage, Carberry, Musselburgh

Best working hunter pony: Mr & Mrs D. Mundell, Meigle Farm, Clovenfords

Best Borders working hunter pony: Grant Todd, Greenend, St Boswells

Pony Club inter-branch team jumping: Best senior team: Morpeth Pony Club, reserve: North Northumberland Hunt Pony Club

Best junior team: Tynedale Pony Club, reserve: Berwickshire Hunt Pony Club

Best overall exhibit, in-hand and ridden hunter classes: Andrew & Gillian McCowan, Horncliffe Mains, Berwick-upon-Tweed; reserve: Joanne & William Moran, Homer Hill Farm, Rainton Gate, Houghton-le-Spring

Best in-hand hunter: Joanne & William Moran

Best brood mare: Joanne & William Moran

Overall in-hand hunter: Joanne & William Moran

Best Borders-bred in-hand hunter: Bordergrove Stud, Yard Cottage, Mindrum, Coldstream

Best ridden hunter: Andrew & Gillian McCowan, reserve: Mr C. Storey, Halterburnhead, Yetholm

Best Borders-bred ridden hunter: Miss Fiona Hutcheson, Phantasy, Bonchester Bridge

Best ridden hunter over four years old: Mr C. Storey

Best ridden four-year-old hunter: Mr C. Storey

Best ridden small hunter: Mr & Mrs D. H. Burns, St Leonards, Hawick

Best Clydesdale: T. Tennant, Gilmanscleuch, Ettrick, Selkirk; reserve T. Tennant

Best Cydesdale, opposite sex to champion: Mr R. Morton, Stobilee, Cleghorn, Lanark

Best Clydesdale youngstock: T. Tenant

Best shire: John Fairbairn, Marshall Meadows, Berwick upon Tweed, reserve Gawin Ian Holmes, Park Nook Farm, Beamish, Stanley

Champion heavy horse turnout: Gawin Ian Holmes, reserve: John Fairbairn

Champion donkey: Mrs Lorraine Rae, Dukesfield Manor; reserve: Ms C. Armet, Old Coach House, Borthwick Hall, Heriot.


Champion: Mrs E. Woodmass, Heugh Brae, Brampton, Carlisle; reserve: Mrs N. C. Brodie, Allfornought Farm, Waterbeck, Lockerbie

Best Toggenburg or British Toggenburg: Mrs E. Woodmass

Best Anglo-Nubian: Dr R. Torrance, Foxton Cottage, Thropton, Morpeth

Best British Saanen: Mrs V. Wood & Mr T. Maddison, Loud Farm, Stanley

Best goatling: Mrs E. Woodmass; reserve: Mrs E. Woodmass

Best kid: Mrs E. Woodmass; reserve best kid: Mrs V. Wood & Mr T. Maddison

Best milker: Mrs E. Woodmass


SHEPHERDS’ CROOKS: Best exhibit: Oliver Simpson, Williams Court, Jedburgh; reserve: Oliver Simpson

HORSE SHOEING: Cup: Devin Crerar; reserve: Brian Alexander

Best pair of shoes: Greg Crawford; reserve: Andrew Tennant

YOUNG FARMERS’ CLUBS: Team with highest number of points: Ednam and Teviotdale; reserve: Ednam

Member of Border Federation of Junior Agricultural Clubs with highest number of points: Ednam and Teviotdale; reserve: Ednam

POULTRY: Champion and reserve champion: David Taylor, Hurlford, East Ayrshire

Best hard feather: J. Rodgers, Tow Law

Best soft feather or true bantan: David Taylor

Best exhibit bred in current year: David Taylor

Best exhibit in waterfowl section: A. & J. Robertson, Kelso

Best exhibit in egg section: Louise Rennie, Sydenham, Kelso

Best junior: Monty Heseltine, Edinburgh

RABBITS: Champion: J. & C. Fletcher; junior champion: Josh Laidlaw


Bell, Roxburgh Mill, Kelso; reserve: Jane


Baking winner: Elizabeth Kowbel; reserve: Rosemary Damerell

Floral art winner: Jeanette Wichary; reserve: Marion Hamilton

Best floral art arrangement: Marion Hamilton

Cup for preserves and produce: Jane Brydon; reserve: Jane Bell

Handicrafts winner: Katy Telford; reserve: Joan Duncan

Most points 9-14 years: Jamie Damerell; reserve: Carly Patterson

Most points 5-8 years: Jessica Damerell; reserve: Thomas Young

Most points under 5s: Ross Dagg; reserve: Jack Dagg & Ewan Peters

PET SHOW: Champion: Sam Bushnell with Maisie (medium dog x-breed); reserve: Ava Bremner with Joey (barn yard paraquet)