Time to make a difference in the Scottish Borders

Local crafters enjoyed assembling the eco-kits and adding their own creative flair
Local crafters enjoyed assembling the eco-kits and adding their own creative flair

Clock making was the focus of an eco-workshop at local pop-up café, Lily’s, in Longformacus, at the weekend.

The eco-kits, made from upcycled waste materials by local non-profit social enterprise WASTEinnovations, were popular with the local crafters who enjoyed assembling the kits and adding their own creative flair to the end design.

The result was beautiful, unique timepieces that look great but also make a strong environmental statement.

Ewan Donald, WASTEinnovations volunteer, has been involved in making the wood eco-kits since he recently retired.

He said: “It is so important to take waste and lock it into a sustainable long term use in order to prevent it from either going to landfill or being burnt.”

In addition to upcycled wood, WASTEinnovations utilises many waste streams and have created a diverse range of eco-kits including jewellery and zero waste kitchen accessories, all available through WASTEinnovations eco-workshops.

WASTEinnovations are planning to roll out its eco-workshops across the Borders and is looking to recruit local crafters to run these and also assist in the making of the eco-kits.

Dr Fiona Macpherson, Waste Innovations co-ordinator, said: “It’s time to make a difference, not just to the environment through recycling waste into lovely usable products, but to also create economic opportunities for the artistic and creative sectors, where it is much needed in the Scottish Borders.”

She went on to underline ”Every individual needs to engage with environmental issues at this time of growing urgency with climate change accelerating.

The buck stops with every single man, women and child to do their bit. Collectively we can make a difference.”

The WASTEinnovations team are looking to engage with local arts and crafters of all ages who would like to be involved in this exciting project across the Borders, to generate income for themselves or a good cause.

In addition WASTEinnovations would like to hear from any cafés, village halls, schools or other venues who would like to host eco-workshops in their local community.

Email info@wasteinnovations.com to express interest or for more information.