Swan and cygnet are off to Wooler

We held our Christmas Lunch for volunteers on Tuesday. It is great to give everyone to chance to meet up.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 27th December 2015, 9:20 am
The Seven Swans a Swimming cake which was won by Eileen Clarke.
The Seven Swans a Swimming cake which was won by Eileen Clarke.

It seems strange that when we introduce volunteers to one another we say something like ‘This is David, he’s Friday’ and ‘This is Jim he’s Wednesday’. Some volunteers have been with us some time always doing the same day each week and never meet any other day’s volunteers.

We drew the Christmas Raffle and although there will be a full list on Facebook and the website I will just list the first few winners: The Hamper was won by Alex Craig; The framed Swan Print was won by Andy Runciman; The Seven Swans a Swimming cake made by Una’s sister was won by Eileen Clarke. I took a photograph, it seems to nice to cut!

I was lucky enough to win the Proggie Rug which I had been admiring for a long time. Many thanks to Mrs P. Gallet and the Belford Hookers. I will take another photograph of the wonderful wildlife wall hanging that was made for us so everyone can see what it looks like on the wall.

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The Garden Centre Voucher was won by Tom Kennedy and the Pamper box by Jim’s wife Shirley.

All together our Christmas fund raising has been very successful although both Kay and me are glad all the extra work is all over.

Now for David Rollo Centre news. It was good to see the swan and the cygnet go off so well together at Wooler on their lovely lake. The camp-site maintenance men will keep an eye on them through the winter. In fact it was due to them that the swans injuries were noticed. It is good to see them away as when the weather gets very cold it is difficult to keep the pond pen clear of ice and cleaning it is a nightmare.

The short eared owl is also away back to where he was found, a very feisty bird he should do well.

We still have a Tawny owl, kestrel and a buzzard to keep us busy over Christmas, (besides Errol who is enjoying being inside for a while) but the aviaries are easier to keep clean. We still have plenty of hedgehogs awake and asleep to look after too.

Now just a few more thank yous - to David Knight and all the staff at Galedin Vets who are very patient with us when we phone or call in; to BARK for all their help, support and friendship; to Mark Irving and Amanda Brumwell for donating prints and making wonderful cards for us; to everyone who has gone to the trouble of bringing us food, cages, newspapers etc; to all who have helped with Open Days and coffee mornings; to all our volunteers and George Whitely for keeping us amused with his great letters and donations of course.

We hope everyone has a very merry Christmas.