Plenty to sing about as residents make tracks for recording studio

The sounds of ‘Dun Dings’A’ reverberate around the town every summer as crowds unite for Duns Summer Festival and now a group of passionate residents are going into the recording studio to record it and other songs held in high regard by Duns and further afield.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 23rd January 2014, 6:12 am
Duns Reivers week rideout
Duns Reivers week rideout

The as yet unnamed collective met for the first time in October after Davey Scott rallied some former ex-Reivers and Reivers Week principals who he’d enjoyed some sing songs with in The Black Bull.

So its only right that the first rehearsal and every one since has taken place in the hotel as the enthusiastic singers get ready to go into the recording studio to lay down some tracks.

‘WOW’ went along to a rehearsal last week and Davey said as well as entertaining folk, he hoped the CD would educate people on the rich history Duns has and persuade youngsters to come up with some new songs and poems about the town.

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“We’ve got some fantastic talent here in Duns and a number of wee songs but compared to a lot of towns we haven’t got that many.

“We all love ‘Duns Dings’A’ but it would be good that when our principals represent the town at other events they had a couple others to sing.

“And it would be great if by doing the CD we could inspire some of the young yins in the town to write some stuff of their own.

“Duns has got a lot to be proud of. We might not be as big as Gala or Hawick but we’ve got plenty to sing about.”

Among the songs and poems being practiced in time for the recording session in Berwick next month are Hugh Mackay’s ‘Reiver’s Gallop’ and James McFarlane’s ‘Song O’The Reiver’s Lass’, which is being taken on rather aptly by former Reiver’s Lass Claire Whellans.

“My favourite day of Reiver’s Week is when we all go into the pub after the rideout and have a sing song.

“I reckon people will be pleasantly surprised by what we come up with. To begin with we were singing in all different keys but we’ve got better!

“We can thank Duns’ very own Gareth Malone- Ronald Drummond- for that!” Davey joked.

The 15 strong band of singers also includes the 2013 Reivers Party and former Reiver Dougal Affleck, no stranger to the local stage and last seen in Duns Players’ ‘Glengarry Glenross’.

“It’s completely different to doing anything with the Players or Duns Opera,” Dougal told ‘WOW’.

“Mainly because the songs are normally sung after plenty of drinking!

“I have to say Reiver Scott Lackenby surprised us all with his singing- I’ve had my Opera scouting eyes on him, he’s got a fantastic voice.

“Having been a Reiver myself I do get a lot of pride from singing songs like ‘Duns Dings’A’ and it’s great to be putting them on CD as I don’t think there’s been any recorded since Duns 500 in 1990. And although we didn’t intentionally do it this year because of Homecoming 2014 it’s great for Duns to be doing something a bit different to make our mark.”

It it is hoped that the CD will be recorded and printed by April 19 in time for an inaugural dinner dance the day after this year’s Reiver is installed.

All proceeds from the album will go straight back into the town.