Grease is the word on Duns’ lips

Tickets are sure to be go at greased lightning speed when the T-Birds and Pink Ladies of Duns Opera do some serious handjiving next week.

Friday, 23rd August 2013, 8:34 am
Ashleigh Wright and Matthew Taylor get set to take on the iconic roles of Sandy and Danny as DDAOS stage the original high school musical 'Grease'
Ashleigh Wright and Matthew Taylor get set to take on the iconic roles of Sandy and Danny as DDAOS stage the original high school musical 'Grease'

The Society’s young cast have been busy perfecting their wop ba-ba lu-mops and wop bam booms ahead of the opening night of ‘Grease’ on Wednesday, August 28 at the Volunteer Hall.

Duns Opera don’t normally do a summer show but with a talent pool that keeps spawning more and more fine young performers, director Eloner Crawford thought the 1950s-set musical was an opportunity too good to miss.

And while guiding her cast through ‘Grease’s’ famous song and dance numbers she’s managed to have a ball herself.

“I’ve had amazing fun over the summer; it’s been a great show to direct,” she enthused.

“I think there’s a few people can’t quite get their heads round the fact we’re doing a summer show but the rights for ‘Grease’ were only available for a limited time and it’s such a fantastic show for youngsters.

“I have to say a massive thank you to Sarah Aitken who has been an absolute star with the choreography. She’s worked so hard with the cast.

“‘Grease’ is known for it’s big song and dance numbers so the pressure was on for us to do them justice.”

A girl who was happy to admit she knew all the songs off my heart before she was even cast was Ashleigh Wright, Duns Opera’s very own Sandy.

It’s Ashleigh’s first show with the Society since she left high school and as a huge fan of the film she couldn’t resist being involved.

“I auditioned for the roles of Rizzo and Sandy but to be honest I would’ve been pleased just to be in the chorus- I love ‘Grease’ that much,” she told ’The Berwickshire’.

“So to find out I’d got the part of Sandy was absolutely fantastic.

“I love Olivia Newton John and although I’m trying to do Sandy my way I’m sure people will come along expecting the film.

“With the show being so close now I go from being really nervous one moment to being like a child at Christmas the next!”

In complete contrast to his on stage love interest, Duns’ Danny Zuko, Matthew Taylor, has never seen ‘Grease’ but said he thought this would actually work in his favour.

“John Travolta made the role so iconic that I think it’s easier I haven’t seen the film version as I want to try and make the role my own.

“There’s no escaping the songs though and my favourite has to be ‘Greased Lightning’ it’s a real lads anthem and so much fun to perform.

“I didn’t know Ashleigh that well before we started but we get on really well and I think with roles like this you’ve got to have good chemistry for the show to work.”

‘Grease’ will take to the Volunteer Hall stage for a four night run, ending on Saturday, August 31.