Young and old join forces in Coldstream

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What’s an X-Box? What does LOL mean? Those were just two of the questions answered when young and old united for a special project in Coldstream recently.

Pupils from Coldstream Primary School met with residents of Gowanlea Court Sheltered Housing in Coldstream for the Intergenerational Project, armed with questions about what it was like being a youngster 50 and 60 years ago.

Back at school, they worked with two drama workers from Borders Youth Theatre to share what they had learned and to create drama sketches based on these experiences

The sketches were put together to be rehearsed for two performances at the school, one to other pupils at the school, the other to parents and friends, and of course their newfound older friends.

Although the final performance was great fun for performers and audience alike, the most important work took place before then in the meetings between younger and older groups.

As one of the pupils commented “We thought it would be really boring going to meet the old folk but they are really cool”.

The young people had a chance to express themselves in a different way while learning the discipline of working with others to produce a performance.

The older group in turn enjoy ed sharing their memories, learning that their experiences are valuable to other people and finding that the young people are very much like they were when they were young although they did learn some new words and terminology along the way.

This is the third Intergenerational Project which Borders 
Youth Theatre has developed with Berwickshire primary schools.

Chair of BYT Trustees, David Bisset said “This is a wonderful project which brings different parts of local communities together

“We had a great time in Coldstream and it was a great learning experience for everyone involved.

The youth theatre’s intergenerational work has so far has been supported by some funding from General Mills Foundations.

The search is now on for further funding to be able to offer the project to other schools next term.