You ought to ‘See Them Rats’ take to the stage in style

Review of 'See Them Rats'
Review of 'See Them Rats'
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WESTRUTHER’S, Dorothy Bruce, has seen her first script premiered in the Borders as a part of a double bill of one act plays.

Any first night nerves must have been dispelled by the reception it received from the first night’s full house.

‘See them Rats’ tells the story of three homeless men who have made their home in a derelict bus, parked in a rat infested Borders’ scrapyard. Picks, Bosey and Gearchanger see the bus, not only as a place of shelter but a family home. Their aspirations? The privacy of curtains, a piece of carpet and a joy ride in a tank!

David Bon, Tom Hudson and Andy Mcgregor extract every ounce of character, humour and pathos from their beautifully written lines spoken in flowing, almost melodic, lilting Scots.

Their established banter and disagreements are suddenly given a new dimension when sculptor, Sylvia Coldstream, appears looking for scrap metal for a new work.

Sylvia is the educated, middle class intrusion into, what society would deem to be, a group of dysfunctional social misfits. Elsie Horobin’s Sylvia Coldstream was played with subtlety, depth and wonderful timing. Her eventual desire to take the illiterate, art loving Picks under her wing was painstakingly developed; as was her decision to accompany this scruffy trio to an army camp to joy ride in a tank. The play’s finale incorporates a surprising twist, gunfire, grenades, red panties and assorted bras. What more could an audience wish for?

Quite outstanding.

The Gap and See them Rats is on at Westruther Village Hall on Saturday, December 8, at 7.30pm.