Where have they been? Band back on stage

Where's George
Where's George
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After a year being in different corners of the world, Berwickshire group Where’s George are firmly back in business and heading for a stage near you.

The band have amassed quite a following since impressing at Berwick’s Rock for Haiti at the start of 2010 and their fans can rest easy as after a rather lengthy break the trio have reunited.

Millie Stokes, Penny Osbourne and newest member Chris Robinson spent some time apart with Millie travelling to France and Laos during a gap year and Penny moving up to Edinburgh to study medicine.

“I really enjoyed my time abroad and I actually wrote a lot of songs when I was away,” Millie explained.

“I think if I didn’t have my music to come back to returning home would have been a bit of a shock. It’s great being back with the rest of the band.”

“The band’s taken on a different turn since Chris joined. Jade (Carnell) was fantastic but Chris has brought his own thing.

“We all bring our own views and influences.”

Both girls agree that they’ve maintained the ‘band family’ dynamic Where’s George have had from their Yours Sincerely days.

And the bond the band share has not gone unnoticed by their musical peers.

“We did a gig in Glasgow recently and one of the other acts said they couldn’t believe how close we were; they assumed we were best friends,” Mille joked.

“Other acts obviously don’t share the same bond so we’re lucky to have it.”

With all three members back in the country now, Where’s George are keen to record new material and think that fans will notice a growth in their sound.

“There is a difference in the new music we’re coming up with,” Penny continued.

“I would describe our more recent material as the evolution of us.

“We’re looking to get into the recording studio some time soon and we’ve also been in contact with a guy who’s keen to shoot a music video with us.

“Up to now we’ve only really made videos ourselves for our Youtube page so that’d be a good way for us to show people what we’re about.”

Where’s George performed at Glasgow’s Pivo Pivo last Friday; The Blind Poet in Edinburgh last night and have just confirmed an appearance at Newcastle’s Bar Loco on Thursday, August 8.

The band are also hoping to play at Coldingham Hall.