WATCH: Premiere of ‘Eyemouth’s Crowning Glory’ DVD

The red carpet was rolled out at Coldingham last Friday as the hall hosted a special film premiere- the debut of Eyemouth Herring Queen’s ‘Crowning Glory’.

The DVD, the culmination of nearly a year’s hard work by the Herring Queen committee, was presented to an audience of Eyemouth royalty as 56 former queens took their seats for the occasion.

Former Eyemouth Herring Queens attend the launch night of the 70th crowning comemerative DVD at Coldingham Hall

Former Eyemouth Herring Queens attend the launch night of the 70th crowning comemerative DVD at Coldingham Hall

And they were treated like royalty, all arriving together by bus from Eyemouth. The night’s leading ladies were greeted by a sizeable crowd made up of friends and family and a few tourists who were curious about what was going on.

A piper from Eyemouth Pipe Band played a traditional Scottish tune as the former queens stepped off the bus and made their way up the red carpet and into the hall.

When they walked through the door they were each handed a glass of champagne and enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with each other.

With a number of queens jetting in from all over the world it was the first time some had seen each other in decades.

After their thirst was quenched, the former queens tucked into a buffet and took their seats for the main event, which began with a special presentation by Colonel Simon Furness of a new foot stool for future Herring Queen crownings.

Herring Queen chair Douglas Stewart welcomed the excited audience of former queens, spanning from 1946 queen Anne Rosie to 2014 queen Ailsa Landels on the eve of her crowning.

Their excitement was well justified as over the course of the next hour and a half they were treated to a whistle stop tour of Herring Queen history from the crowning of first queen Mary Craig in 1939 through to a speech from Ailsa ahead of her big moment.

Incredibly footage was shown from ever single year without exception with the film set to music from that year which meant toes were tapping to everything from Glen Miller’s ‘In The Mood’ to Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ via memorable tracks such as The Kinks ‘You Really Got Me’, Aha’s ‘Take On Me’ and Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’.

There were frequent rounds of applause as each queen’s name came up on screen and a deserved standing ovation at the end to recognise all the hard work that went into turning the DVD from an idea into something for everyone to treasure.