Variety still the spice of life in Eyemouth

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Since starting up 25 years ago Eyemouth Variety Group has grown from strength to strength and one woman has been at the helm throughout.

So it’s only right that Pauline Grieve and fellow founder George Kay are planning to celebrate along with cast members past and present.

Eyemouth Variety Group, George and Pauline.

Eyemouth Variety Group, George and Pauline.

A big party is planned for September 14 at Eyemouth Golf Club with an invite extended to anyone who has been involved in Variety Group shows, both on stage and behind the scenes.

And having directed different generations from a number of local familes, Pauline isn’t expecting any shortage of guests.

“The 25 years has gone by so quickly,” she commented.

“You’re always thinking about the next rehearsal or the next show but I never imagined that when, George, Audrey Branner and I had a conversation about putting a group together that it’d still be going all these years later.

“The original plan was to do one or two shows but the casts just kept on wanting more.”

Eyemouth Variety Group was born after an intial meeting about its set up attracted 103 people and the interest in the group hasn’t waned as the decades have rolled by.

And Pauline said the support the group has had from the town has also remained top drawer.

“Before we started the group there was a lack of theatre in the town,” she continued.

“I used to run the Guides and we did a panto every year but there wasn’t anything else so people really got behind us.

“Everybody in the town knows someone who is in the group now or has been in the past.

“I only have to look at my backstage helpers. They are mums and grandmas who have also been in shows themselves .

In recent years Eyemouth Variety have delighted audiences with the likes of ‘Beauty & the Beast’ but Pauline admitted that in the beginning some people doubted whether the group had the credentials to pull off a musical.

“When we first started planning a musical I was told that we didn’t have the talent to do one but it ended up being a fantastic success.

“That show was ‘Hello Dolly’ and we’re bringing it back next year- 21 years after we first performed it.

“I always feel a bit of pressure with every show and I can’t really enjoy them until the curtain closes on the final night.”

“Pauline puts so much work in behind the scenes,” George added.

“People think these shows just happen on their own but the reality is very different.”