Tribute promise ‘A Night to Remember’

Bryan Adam experience
Bryan Adam experience
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HE’S the man who held the number spot for over four months with his song ‘Everything I Do (I Do It For You)’ and now the music of Bryan Adams will have Berwick rocking tomorrow night thanks to a tribute act who have been emulating the megastar for well over a decade.

Midlesbrough-based The Bryan Adams Experience started live as rock outfit Jonestown but after hearing more than the odd passing comment that lead singer Stuart sounded a lot like the multi-million selling Canadian they decided to switch to a tribute act.

Bryan Adam experience

Bryan Adam experience

They haven’t looked back since and with a huge back catalogue to cherry pick from, who could blame them? Anthems like ‘Summer of 69’, ‘Heaven’, ‘Run To You’, ‘A Night to Remember’ and the aforementioned long-running number one were all came courtesy of Bryan Adams and bassist Gary said he Stuart and fellow bandmates lead guitarist Chris and drummer Pete, regularly changed their setlist around to try and accomoade as many fan favourites as possible.

“I’ll admit althugh I like a few of his songs before we started the tribute, I was never a massive fan of Bryan Adams,” he told ‘The Guide.

“But now having played that for many years and seen the man in action a few times I can appreciate what strong songs the guy has.

“Like a lot of people I did get a bit sick of ‘Everything I Do’ with it being number for ages but I don’t know if it’s because it was 20 years ago but people seem to really enjoy hearing it now. It’s one of the songs you can guarantee will go well at our shows.

“And of course ‘Summer of 69’ is an absolutely huge tune. There are people that will come along just to hear that. One of the slightly more up to date ones that the audience really love is ‘When You’re Gone’, Bryan’s duet with Mel C.

“We always get someone up from their seat to sing her bit. Nine times out of ten they can’t sing but it’s always one of the highlights of the night.”

Although he is still a household name, it’s been a good few years since Bryan Adams troubled the higher eschalons of the Top 40 but like other legends like Elton John and Lionel Richie, he still packs out venues the world over.

“He might not always be high in the charts any more but he still has a huge concert following,” Gary continued.

“Whenever he’s in the north east we make an effort to go and see his show as a band. He keeps us on our toes as he often changes arrangements and puts a few more obscure songs into his set.

“The last time we saw him he even did a drum solo using pots and pans- Pete’s not that keen to do that in our shows though!”

The man who’s job it is to encapsulate the voice and on stage persona of Mr Adams is a man that rather spookily shares the same second name but likes to do the tribute his own way.

“It sounds a rather weird thing to say for a guy who’s fronting a Bryan Adams tribute but other than coming to see his shows when he’s up our way I don’t watch that much of him,” Stuart explained.

“In the early days I studied him a lot more but now I just tend to listen to his music.

“I personally had never thought I sounded like the man himself until someone told me they thought I did. We did used to do a few Bryan Adams covers in our Jonestown sets though, ‘Run To You’ being the one that always went down best.

“Of his other songs I’d say ‘Can’t Stop This Thing We Started’ was a big favourite of mine and lesser known ones like ‘Long Gone’ and ‘Native Sun’, which has a eight minute long guitar solo.”

Unlike Gary who said ‘Everything I Do’ wasn’t an Adams track he particularly enjoyed performing Stuart said that as a vocalist its one of the ones he can really get his teeth stuck into.

“Some of the rockier ones like ‘Can’t Stop This Thing We Started’ aren’t too challenging vocally but when you do ‘Everything I Do’ you’ve really got to be spot on.

“I know a lot of people still don’t like it that much but it’s one that I really enjoy performing. To be honest if there’s one I’m really not keen on it’s ‘It’s Only Love’, the duet Bryan did with Tina Turner. A lot of people love that one but it’s not one of my favourites.

“It’s great fun being in a tribute act like ours. We all just have fun and there’s not a primadonna amongst us.

“We always have a chat and a few drinks with the audience afterwards too so look out Berwick.”