Tribute act back to relight Berwick’s fire

ReTake That return to the Maltings stage infront of a packed house
ReTake That return to the Maltings stage infront of a packed house

For three years one group have been getting Berwick ladies hot under the collar, and Re-Take That are back to raise temperatures once again next week.

Take That have been rather quiet of late with Gary Barlow disappearing back out of the spotlight after being heavily involved in the Queen’s Jubilee and judging on X Factor and Mark, Jason and Howard are nowhere to be seen.

Only Robbie is still doing his thing on stage but anyone who’s sick of waiting for news of any new material from the famous five, fear not as tribute act Re-Take That are still going strong and ready to fill the Take That shaped void in your life.

The band have sold out The Maltings three years in a row and tickets for their show next Friday, April 26, are going fast.

The Guide caught up with Re-Take That’s Gary (Paul Waite) just after the band came off stage from a gig at Flamingo Land theme park and he said after being given a red hot welcome from Berwick in the past, he and the rest of the band were looking forward to their return.

“We’ve always had a top night when we come up,” Paul enthused.

“We’ve tweaked the show a little bit since last year so people can expect something a bit different.

“It’s always great to come to Berwick as The Maltings is the first theatre we played so it’s really where it all began for us.”

Like Take That take things up a notch with every one of their tours Paul said that Re-Take That had also embraced some new technology to give their shows that extra dimension.

“We use the screen a lot more now; for instance we’ve re-created Robbie’s intro from the Progress tour by filming Pete on a green screen and then adding in the graphics.

“Even though the lads themselves have been out of the spotlight we need to keep things as up to date as we can.”

With that in mind a few songs from Robbie’s latest solo album ‘Take The Crown’ have sneaked onto the setlist but all the old Take That classics still have pride of place.

“We seem to benefit when Take That go quiet,” Paul continued.

“When they’re on tour obviously people want to go and see the real thing but when they’re not doing anything people seem to come to us to get their Take That fix!”