Tremendous success at BARK open day

Many thanks to everyone who helped make our Plant Sale and Open Day such a tremendous success, raising over £1,140! A tremendous total.

A particular thank you to everyone who baked including East Ord Garden Centre for supplying some of their delicious cakes to sell, Paxton Village for a supply of both cakes and plants, everyone who grew plants but with a particular thank you to Karen and Chris who between them supplied over 90% of the plants.

The animals all played their part and we even increased our numbers by six as Tabitha chose the Open Day to give birth to six beautiful kittens, bringing the total amount of animals in our kennels to 78!

Shadow and Thrum are nine and 10 year old black labs. They are lovely boys who have had a rough time, they are both doing well in their weight loss. Thrum, who was the heaviest at 56 kilos, is doing so well, he’s got a spring in his step and now isn’t exhausted by even the shortest of walks or time playing off lead.

Penny, the bull terrier cross, is in good condition and knows how to play properly and will reward any new owners prepared to go that extra mile with her. She loves to play and is a natural at agility.

Vinny the big Bull breed type has clearly got confusing signals from his previous home. He needs a firm and fair home that can gain his trust. He is a playful boy who has such an affectionate side and so wants to please you.

We have lots of rabbits looking for homes, do you have room for a little one? If so we’d be delighted to hear from you.

If you would like to help out our shop needs volunteers particularly between 1pm and 4pm. If you have the time please do drop in and see them in our shop at Marygate.

Please consider joining our Friends of BARK scheme and make a regular donation to BARK each month. Please send us an email and we will be delighted to send out more information.

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