Swans treated for lead poisoning


We took another two swans from the RSPCA which are suffering lead poisoning. This brings the total we are treating to four.

They are all pretty weak. One with very high levels of lead has had to have a drip to get fluid and medication into it quickly.

They have been treated with Sodium Calcium Edetate. Only one is requiring daily injections.

We are waiting for results on two to see if they need further treatment. It is just a case of building them up again after the weight and muscle loss caused by the poisoning.

This weekend we have been checking on the hedgehogs.

The ones that have been hibernating have started to wake up. All have gone through their hibernation time well and have not lost too much weight

Now the weather is improving we shall start to put more of them outside to ‘harden off’ before being released in the same area as they were found.

They look so like people when they first wake - a bit bleary eyed and still sleepy as in the photo.

Last week one of our Tawny Owls was released. It was brought in by Rosemary and Graeme Bell.

It was underweight at 265 grams and had two fractures in its right wing. David pinned the bones and prescribed cage rest.

We had to hand feed the bird for the first few days. He soon began to eat for himself and was happy to eat chicks which are so much cheaper for us than mice.

He arrived on 1st November last year and has made steady progress.

After the pins were removed he was allowed more exercise.

He was very poor at flying when he was first put in an aviary but by the time he was released he was very proficient and weighed 400grams.

That is a little more than he should but it will stand him in good stead whilst he adjusts back to the wild.

A very satisfactory outcome as Rosemary said he flew off beautifully.

One of our volunteers, Brian, has done a brilliant job by painting and cleaning both of our small aviaries.

We have quite a lot of painting, cleaning and minor repairs and D.I.Y. jobs that need doing.

If anyone can spare some time to help with this sort of work we would be very grateful, we really miss Jim who has not been too well recently.

He was very good at sorting little repairs almost before we realised the job needed doing.

Anyone able to help will get tea and chocolate biscuits as well as our thanks.

We also need to get a fund-raising group together.

I normally arrange what things I can, but I don’t have enough time to do a decent job or take up new ideas.

If you can help please either phone any morning (except Saturday) between 9.30 and 12 noon or just call in during these times.

That’s all for this week.