Swan notes: The hedgehogs just keep coming!

The swan which attacked by a dog has had his stitches removed. Once fully recovered he will be returned to his family in Herrington Country Park.
The swan which attacked by a dog has had his stitches removed. Once fully recovered he will be returned to his family in Herrington Country Park.

The hedgehogs are still arriving. We have never had so many so early. Another five have come in this week all very small. It must have been a very difficult year for them.

We have also had in another three cygnets come in via the RSPCA. They had somehow or other lost their parents and ended up on Sunderland beach. They must have just drifted down the river. They were rounded up and brought up to us. They are a good weight at around 6kg each.

They are in the Lomax aviary at the moment. Once they have completed their worming treatment they will go into the Big Pond with the other cygnets.

The one that was being treated for a hock infection is now standing and walking well so has gone into the pond with the others.

The swan that had been attacked by a dog and had its wounds stitched has had the stitches removed. It also went into the pond and enjoyed a good bath. The photograph shows him just before he had the stitches removed, his feathers cover the worst of his injuries.

Since he had a family back in Herrington Country Park it was arranged that the RSPCA would return him to his family when they brought up the three youngsters. We hope it was a happy reunion.

The sparrow hawk with a pinned broken wing had to be put to sleep this week as after the pins were removed her wing could not move sufficiently well to cope. It was a shame as the vet had tried to fix it and we had to catch her every day to clean out her cage. She was a very feisty patient.

The young buzzard that was unable to fly when he came in is now flying from one end to the other in the big aviary. He was ringed this weekend and has been pronounced fit for release so we hope to get him away this week.

Jim and his friend Bill were very busy this week at the Rollo Centre installing cameras. We need to be able to see what is happening in the various pens when we are not there. They have already proved useful as when we enter the big aviary the buzzard just freaks out and crashes around and we cannot tell how well he can fly but when we watch on the monitor from the cameras we can see he can fly very accurately indeed. They will certainly be very useful.

We hope that the camera on the big pond can be viewed by visitors to the website eventually. Five of the eight cameras are fitted and Jim is hoping to get the others up and running this week.

A big thank you goes to both Jim and Bill for all their hard work.

The cameras will also be useful as a security device. The trouble is I think they will be a time waster too. We have spent quite a bit of time just watching the aviaries that are covered at the moment, but it is good to see the birds and animals behaving as they normally would.

I know it’s very early but the date of our Christmas Fayre will be November 28 and the event will be held at the Berwick Baptist Church.