Swan Notes

Berwick Swan Trust have seen herring gulls which have been shot.
Berwick Swan Trust have seen herring gulls which have been shot.

This week it has been raining herring gulls. Instead of the little fluffy ping pong balls of a few weeks ago we now have adult sized gulls that have not yet acquired their pilot licence.

These birds just run around at a surprising fast rate calling for their parents assistance if anyone goes anywhere near them. We are able to take these birds in for the few days needed for them to get their wings. We have not got enough volunteers to collect but if they are boxed up and brought in we will care for them. If there is no one to bring them in we will collect them if they are boxed or contained.

We also have the problem of adult herring gulls being shot. The majority of those brought in or collected have to be put to sleep. They may be noisy and they certainly are messy but they are part of the town.

Other work at the Rollo Centre includes feeding six rabbit kits just about a week old. The nest was dug up accidentally so we are attempting to rear the babies. This means bottle feeding them at the moment. A very time consuming job.

Kay is feeding a very young hedgehog. We also have taken in other tiny hedgehogs although fortunately they are just beginning to eat meat by themselves. This year we have never had a hedgehog free day!

We are preparing for the next Open Day on July 30. We will be open from 11.30am till 2pm. Our AGM will commence at 2.30pm. Everyone welcome.