Cold spring is bad news for wildlife

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Another month gone already and the little orphans and lost babies are coming in.

We have a young jackdaw who is the loudest caller followed by a Starling who is mid-range and lastly a blackbird, the quietest one of all.

Una is looking after the starling, I expect to see her wearing ear protectors shortly.

Caroline has the other two who are already perching but not quite pecking up for themselves.

Sunday saw the first of the orphan cygnets arrive from Tyneside. One (red leg band) had been rejected by its parents who tried to drown it.

The other one (blue leg band) was caught up in a territorial dispute between two families and got tossed about and trodden on by the adults fighting.

Fortunately the disturbance was seen and the youngster picked up in the reeds.

We are concerned about this one as it is not acting quite right but we hope it may come right, in other words we will give it a bit of time.

We only have four hedgehogs with us now, this year has not been very kind to the waking hogs, we have had several come recently in a weak condition.

The buzzard is flying very well now and building up nicely, tucking into road killed pheasant should boost up his weight.

A peregrine was brought in (on a day when I wasn’t here naturally) in a very poor state.

It was found outside the post office in Woolmarket lying on its back on the pavement.

It was brought in but as soon as soon as it was found but was obviously very sick. It had crusted muck on its chest and a lump on its crop. Kay took it straight to the vet but it died on the way.

David did a post-mortem and found it had died of natural causes as it had a massive trichomonus infection which had perforated its crop as well as suffering from lungworm. Such a sad end for a beautiful bird.

The swans we have from Chester-le-Street that had lead poisoning are now all clear.

Their levels are now within normal range. A few weeks more should see them away. The one with the web issues with its foot is doing very well too.

As I write this at the Rollo Centre we have had another very cold thin hedgehog and we are waiting for another to arrive. I think this is confirmation of what I said before about not being a good spring for hedgehogs.

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