Aviaries now full of birds of prey

This Short Eared Owl may have come from Scandinavia and been blown off course.
This Short Eared Owl may have come from Scandinavia and been blown off course.

It seems strange but we do get ‘runs’ of things, one week hedgehogs come in, another week all we get is Herring Gulls, recenly it has been birds of prey.

We have had to move birds around to get the aviary space we need. Its a good job we managed to get the extra aviaries up and running over the last two years. They are all occupied now.

The Buzzard saw the attentions of the ringer but when it was checked over it was found to be still underweight.

We were hoping it might be ready to be released but he still needs to put on at least 200 grams.

He is flying well so we just need to keep him a bit longer.

He certainly tucks into his food and it is good to know that otherwise he is very fit and healthy.

We took in a Short Eared Owl last Thursday. It was very weak and thin but we could find no obvious injuries. He was checked over by the vet and x-rayed and was given the all clear.

He was, however, 25% under weight. Quite a lot for a bird of his size.

Both the vet and the ringer who called at the weekend agreed that the bird may have come from Scandinavia and been blown off course (no wonder he was tired). He is eating very well.

I think he was glad of cage rest for a couple of days but after that started throwing himself at the bars to get out.

The photograph shows him held with a towel as he is keen to grab with his feet just as he was being taken up to an aviary.

I will try to get another photograph of him there as he is much happier.

He is still eating everything we give him so should recover his strength and be released soon.

Yesterday we had a Barn Owl brought in. It had a knock to the right side of its head and his left side was badly bruised with skin lesions.

It was very flat and offered no resistance as we examined her

She was found at the edge of a field just lying in the grass. We think she may have been caught by the wind on Saturday.

We put her into a cage and left her with a heat lamp food and water. In the evening she was standing and looked brighter but this morning we found her dead when we arrived.

The strength of the winds over the weekend and the torrential rain must have caused a lot of problems to wildlife.

I think I have confused people when explaining what type of dog food we like for our hedgehogs, we currently have 26 hogs and prefer to feed them canned loaf in jelly any make is fine except fishy varieties.

We find that meaty chunks in jelly has almost half a can of jelly and this is a waste as the hogs don’t eat it.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored a hedgehog this year. Many of these have been for Christmas presents.

We still have a few raffle tickets left if anyone wants some before the draw on December 15.