A tale of five owls getting treatment

Tawny Owl. swan notes
Tawny Owl. swan notes

This week I will start with the owls we have in at the moment.

The ‘Blind Tawny’ is doing very well and making good progress. He came in early September last year and was totally blind for some time. He had brain damage too caused when he argued with a vehicle. He was found at the side of the road in a sorry state. We had to cut up his food quite small and force it down his throat.

Now a couple of months on he is able to see (we are not sure how well though) and find his food and eat it by himself.

This week he has progressed to flying back to his cage when we clean him out. He sits on a gloved hand while we throw the chick into his cage.

He can see this and flies to the cage pouncing on the chick. Excellent progress though it has been slow.

Another Tawny Owl has been moved from the undercover aviary where he was for a few weeks after having treatment for a broken wing. He seemed very reluctant to fly in that aviary but he has been moved to the Lomax where he has much more room. The vet called to see him last week and was very pleased with his progress. He is flying happily from one end to the other, perhaps he is feeling better out in the open.

Replacing the Tawny in the undercover aviary is a Barn Owl also recovering after he was brought in suffering from concussion. He had an infected wound on the top of his head which we had to bathe and clean up each day for about three weeks. He was very good during this daily treatment, I think he must have felt better when the build up of puss was removed and his head cleaned. His feathers cover the scar left by the wound. He has claimed the owl box as his own and this week he will progress straight to the big aviary. He has recovered from his wounds very quickly. The vet is also very happy about this ones progress.

Still with pins in its wing is a Short Eared Owl. This came in while I was away. He has pins holding the wing bones in place. He also had wounds to the same wing. These are healing up well after a course of antibiotics. The pins have to stay in for a couple more weeks so I will update you then.

Yet another Tawny Owl came in this week after being hit by a vehicle. It has a detached retina in one eye and the other eye is closed up due to bruising. It also has had to be force fed but yesterday it started eating by itself which is a little sign of improvement. I will keep you posted.

Just before I went off on holiday we set up a ‘Wish list’ on Amazon. This can be accessed by a link on our website www. swan-trust.org. Visitors to the Rollo Centre have asked if they can buy items for us to help out.

Using our ‘wish list’ anyone wanting to buy something for us that is what we want can select an item from the list. Prices start from just a few pounds so you won’t need to spend a lot of money. There are a lot of items we use on a daily basis that we would love to receive. Please give it a look.